Crisis Support

If you or someone you know is in need of crisis support, please contact us directly. If the situation is immediately life threatening, please contact the authorities before calling us.  If this is a case of Domestic Violence, dial 1145 for the 24 hour gender based violence hotline.

Lobby and Legal work

Mitini Nepal works to lobby politicians, beaurocrats, and law enforcement for the equal and fair treatment of LBTI individuals. Oftentimes it is sadly the case that social minorities like sexual minority community members are either overtly or passively discriminated against. When civil rights are not properly observed, Mitini Nepal is there to lobby for the swift and just correction of official and unofficial powers alike. Examples include lobbying at the holding cell for LBTI individuals who are being unjustly detained, holding informative meetings with members of parliament to demystify LBTI lifestyles, and providing legal advisors for individual cases at the District Court and Supreme Court Levels


Crisis can exist in many forms for LBTI community members, and levels of depression in our community is unfortunately disproportionately high. Sometimes counseling means simply listening and allowing an individual to feel included, and other times it means arranging physical or psychological medical help. Mitini Nepal provides a high level of emotional support to community members who need an emotional lift. MN aims to create space in society for LBTI people to thrive and lead a discrimination free life.

Interacting with Government Decision-Makers
Legal Support