LBTI / Queer Concept Training

Mitini Nepal offers group workshops of Sexual Minority Concept Training in Nepal.  We would be happy to schedule a time to speak to groups of  5 people or more within our working areas. It is time we all learn together about sexual identities — Sign up today!

  • Definitions of LGBTQAI++ terminology
  • Medical Facts
  • Coping Techniques 
  • Narrative Story and Real Life Examples
  • G.E.S.I. and Civil Rights based approach
  • Information on Counseling Services and Legal Options

Sexual Minority Concept Training in Nepal

Sexual Minority Concept Training Nepal - Mitini Nepal
Sexual Minority Concept Training of Nurses Group in 2018 – Kathmandu Nepal

Topics covered include LBTI realities, struggles, possibilities and hopes. MN also offers individual counseling for LBTI community members, friends, family, and allies. Through story sharing and learning about one another we can work together to build an inclusive reality.  

Would your organization, community group, or extended family benefit from learning more about LBTI, Queer, and Sexual Minorities in general? Contact Us Directly for more information.

Training of Law Enforcement Officials on LBT Concepts and Realities
Raising Awareness and Training for Concepts

Every person deserves dignity, understanding, compassion, and respect.

Laxmi Ghalan — Founder