Vision Mission Goals Values

Vision, Mission and Values of Mitini Nepal


MN envisions and advocates for a peaceful, prosperous society where sexual and gender minorities’ community can live with self-esteem and dignity while enjoying human rights without any discrimination, violence, assault and stigma.


  • To advocate for the access of political, legal, social, economic and educational rights of LBT people by strengthening coordination, collaboration and network.
  • To develop mutual understanding among all concerned stakeholders by capacitating excluded and vulnerable LBT individuals in order to create an egalitarian environment for sexual and gender minorities.
  • To empower LBT people to access equal right to live free from violence, persecution, discrimination and stigma.
  • To society where LBT can live a dignified life with fruitful participation in public spheres, highly protected socially, economically, legally and politically.
  • To provide psychosocial counseling services, legal service and emergency shelter service to victim lesbian women.
  • To guarantee human rights, civil rights, labor rights, sexual rights of lesbian, bisexual as well as transgender individuals.

Core Values

  • MN believes in identifying local issues and strategies to address human rights concerns LBT community building ownership and active engagement.
  • MN is committed to acknowledge the local issues and strategies for efficient and effective advocacy work maintaining the accountability and transparency.
  • MN believes in action oriented endeavors forging collaborative networking and partnerships with like-minded individuals and organizations to achieve the common goal of non discrimination and freedom.
  • MN respects the participation of individuals and support all excluded LBT ensuring the privacy and confidentiality and transform positive human behavior for the peaceful environment.