Newsletter July 2020

Highlights of Mitini Nepal July 2020 Newsletter

Relief Package to Nepal LGBTQ community in 4 districts and expanding, Radio Program featuring Queer Activists of Nepal, Historical Side Event at High Level Political Forum for UN Goals 2030, Read Case Studies of Nepali LGBTQ SOGIESEC Population to hear the personal words and experiences of those affected for yourself —Download the July 2020 Mitini Nepal Newsletter now (FREE) to read more

Mitini Nepal Responds to COVID-19 and Monsoon Flooding and continues many regular programs in July 2020 — Download Free

COVID-19 Lockdown Economic Relief

MN provided relief to the LGBTIQ community during the month of July. The relief covered four districts and 3 provinces. Relief amount was transferred to the individuals because of their declining financial state. The pandemic and the lockdown has robbed many people of their jobs and likewise, many LGBTIQ people have lost their sources of income which has led them to struggle during this difficult time. With the support of Womankind worldwide we are able to distribute the relief package to the community member on this crucial time.

Mitini Nepal Public Radio Outreach in July

Mitini Nepal’s radio program ‘Mitini Sanga Mann Ka Kura’ interviewed Salina Chaudhary on 4th of July for a new episode. Salina is a transgender woman from Dang. She shared her experiences as working as an activist for the rights of LGBTIQ community in Dang, Province 5. She put focus on the challenges she has endured while working for the LGBTIQ people, the difficulty regarding acceptance from the society as well as from family and she also talked about the direct effects of the COVID-19 pandemic and nationwide lockdown that were faced by LGBTIQ community. Likewise, on 18th of July, another episode aired that featured Manisha Dhakal. Manisha is the Executive Director of Blue Diamond Society and has been working as an activist for transgender people for over a decade. She talked about the effects of COVID-19 on the LGBTI community and the organization- BDS. She shared that it was indeed a very difficult time for the gender and sexual minorities during the pandemic. She talked about how the organization has been working given the unfavorable circumstances and emphasized on the way forward where she talked about the future plans of the organization. The radio program is supported by Foundation for a Just Society.