Newsletter February 2021

Nepal LGBT Leading Organization, Mitini Nepal Monthly Newsletter

This Month at Mitini Nepal has been filled with trainings, workshops, media outreach, and more. One main theme of the year is the huge 2021 Nepal Census. For this, Nepal LGBT Organizations are multilaterally planning with the government for the first official national demographic data of Nepal LGBT. Want to get involved with Nepal LGBT issues and outreach? Contact Us Directly!

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February 2021 at Mitini Nepal (Nepal LGBT Organization)

Television program MITINI, Radio Program MITINI Sanga Maanka Kura, Training on Mental Health for Staff, Training on Legal Aid and Well Being for Beneficiaries, Workshop for Nepal LGBT inclusion in CENSUS Nepal 2021 for Trainers, Master Training of Trainers (M.ToT) for CENSUS Nepal 2021 activities, Orientation about Nepal LGBT to Armed Forces in Sunsari