CENSUS 2020 Nepal Collaboration

Mitini Nepal is collaborating with The Government of Nepal, Inclusive Forum Nepal, Tewa, and Blue Diamond Society to develop the Nepal CENSUS 2020. So far, all multilateral development stakeholder CENSUS 2020 initial planning meetings are productive. The goal is to include SOGIE (Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity and Expression) data in the official report.

Mitini Nepal, Inclusive Forum Nepal, and BDS all contributed at a workshop organized by UN Women to foster Multilateral Engagement with Nepal CENSUS 2020 for SOGIE data inclusion

It is a struggle to make generalized decisions without enough data. At Mitini Nepal, we are looking for more facts about Queer individuals in Nepal so that we can work our best to serve our community. By working multi-laterally with other NGO and Individual Stakeholders in partnership with the Federal Government on the Nepal CENSUS 2020 survey, we are hoping to better represent our community in the future.