Government Aid & MN Lobby Action

There has been an apparent lack of consideration and aid from the government towards the LGBTIQ population of the country since the rise of the pandemic.

In order to claim relief packages distributed by the Nepal government, it was mandatory to show proof of citizenships, but many LGBTIQ individuals lack this access. Many LGBTIQ who need aid have fled their homes from discrimination and do not have their legal documents with them. Most transgender individuals have citizenships that announce the gender assigned at birth.

The state, however, hasn’t targeted relief packages specifically for the LGBTIQ community.

MN, along with other CSOs, approached and contacted the related authorities such as Ministry of Women, Children and Welfare regarding the compulsion of showing citizenship for the access of relief kit.

It was brought to light to the concerned authorities and it was later announced that the Supreme Court of Nepal had made a decision that citizenship or any legal documents would not be required to get relief packages from the government. This was the joint effort from MN, single women groups and many other groups that had been unable to get access to the government distributed relief packages.

The government has failed to create specific relief fund targeting the LGBTIQ community considering their present status and ongoing struggles. The government hasn’t shown any concerns to the LGBTIQ and hasn’t built or proposed any plans for improving their conditions. LGBTIQ stakeholders have expressed their disappointment regarding the government’s lack of involvement in the gender and sexual minority communities’ situations.