LGBTI Migrant Worker Situation

According to World Bank data, over 26% of Nepal’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) comes from remittance earnings, and is the main way to earn money for many families here. Because working abroad has been such an accessible option, any LGBTIQ individuals have chosen to work out of country as a way of fleeing unsupportive homes. As the government has been repatriating migrant workers, the LGBTIQ segment of that demographic has been facing many problems, as they do not have proper shelter and support.

Now, many repatriated LGBTI migrant workers have nowhere to go and in the process of coming back to the country during the spread of the virus, they have lost their financial stability as they have been detached from their work. LGBTQI migrant workers who have returned to the country have no permanent destination as many of them had gone abroad after separating from their families because of their orientation or gender identity.

These migrant workers are helpless and neglected by the state. The government should strive for financial aid for the migrant worker’s sustainability which will help them overcome their struggles but the government has paid no attention so far and as more LGBTIQ migrant workers are yet to arrive in the nation, the situation is bound to worsen incrementally.