Mitini’s COVID-19 Action

Due to the situations outlined in the other pages of the COVID-19 website section, it became necessary for Mitini Nepal to focus on crisis support during the past few months. Despite mobility issues, we were able to accomplish online outreach, radio outreach, and limited humanitarian interventions. If you or your family member is in need of support during this difficult time, please contact us directly – we are here to help.

Online Information Sharing

Since the start of the pandemic and lockdown, online communication has become more important than ever. Mitini Nepal has been making people aware of pandemic facts and of opportunities to get help by disseminating information regarding the COVID-19 pandemic through MN’s official Facebook page.

Through social media sites, Mitini Nepal has been sharing useful information, updating current data and creating awareness about this contagious virus. Currently, numerous cure-alls and fake news abounds across social media platforms, and MN provides accurate prevention advice and trustworthy news to online followers in the community.

MN has also effectively contributed in information sharing by posting personalized videos on video sharing platform Youtube, addressing the situation of LGBTIQ in the country during the pandemic as well as the general situation surrounding COVID-19.

Semi-Monthly Radio Talk Program

Similarly, MN has also been raising the degree of awareness among the general public through MN’s radio program “Mitini Sanga Mann Ka Kura” where various individuals are interviewed and two episodes of the program are aired every month which features a different guest and discussion on varying topics.

Humanitarian Aid and Relief Actions

Proudly flying a rainbow flag, Mitini Nepal responds to the pandemic crisis with aid

Mitini Nepal has distributed relief packages as well as relief amount to the affected LGBTIQ individuals throughout the country. Relief packages were distributed to the LGBTIQ in Kathmandu valley in different phases. The relief materials each comprised of essential rice, salt, lentil, cooking oil, mixed beans, soya beans, one soap, sanitizer and masks and blankets for the victims of flood.

Likewise, financial relief lumpsums were provided to LGBTIQ in different parts of the country in three phases. The relief packages as well as cash were provided as aid for the individuals who have been financially unstable as a result of lockdown and their unemployment state during the collapsing economy of the country.

This activity was supported by Foundation for a just society, Womankind worldwide and UN Women Nepal.