Organizational Timeline 2005-now

MN’s major activities and supports from 2005 till date are chronicled  as follows:


  • Astrea lesbian Foundation supported to form the lesbian support group.
  • Global Fund for Women (GFW) provided support for the institutional development of Mitini Nepal


  • MN  became independent institutionally, legally and financially. MN formed its own advisory and executive board .
  • GFW supported MN to organize sharing programs and rally in the western and eastern part of Nepal, LBT issues were shared and network was formed with  the women’s rights organization.
  • Mama Cash supported MN for organizational strengthening, Mitini branch were established in Jhapa and Makwanpur, MN conducted programs on sexual orientation & gender identity in 4 colleges of Kathmandu and provided sewing training for lesbians and marginalized women.
  • May 1, 2007, Government of Nepal  recognized same-sex living together.
  • August 2007, Bhakti Shah and Durga Thapa were expelled from Nepal Army for being in a lesbian relationship. They approached Mitini Nepal for support in August 2007, but due to lack of funding support the case was later dealt by BDS.


  • GFW supported to organize a national conference on lesbian women. TEWA and Nagarik Awaj also supported the conference.
  • MN worked with media and hold press meets to raise the issues and concerns of people from gender and sexual minorities.

2008/ 2009-

  • Support from GFW & Tewa for organizational strengthening.
  • In 2009, MN revised the strategic plan of MN formed in 2005.


  • MN saw a major funding crisis and Laxmi sold the property land to run the organization


  • Urgent Action Fund (UAF) supported for the 16-Days Activism against Gender Violence; Mitini along with WOREC engaged in the 16 days campaign Hunger strike, Mitini raised LGBTI women issue in citizenship rights.

2012, 2013 & 2014

  • GFW, UAF & TEWA supported Mitini in advocating the case of Rajani and Prem Kumari.
  • On 5th Nov 2012, Supreme Court (SC) permitted a lesbian couple to live together as per their wish. A division bench of justices Kalyan Shrestha and Geerish Chandra Lal issued the order.
  • UAF grant in 2013 for the relocation and resettlement of Rajani and Prem Kumar from Kathmandu to Hetauda.
  • In 2014, Mitini Nepal won a case against Women’s Commision and Maiti Nepal in favor of Rajani and Prem Kumari, who were allowed to stay together.


  • Green Tara Trust UK and Bodhi supported for the skill development training programs for LBT community such as the English language, driving training in Jhapa and Kathmandu, beautification and sewing training.
  • South Asia Women’s Fund (SAWF) provided support on the ongoing strategies and activities of MN to strengthen it as an organization addressing violations faced by the LBT community in Nepal.
  • Mitini Nepal identified jewelry making as one of the sustainability programs, the income generated through selling jewelry are utilized for day to day operation of MN.


  • Major Earthquake hit Nepal on 25 April 2015 followed by major aftershock on 12 May 2015.
  • GFW provided relief fund with which  MN ran Community Kitchen for 38 days under tarpaulin to provide shelter and food to 41 Lesbian and Transgender people for 38 days.
  • American Jewish World Service (AJWS) provided AJWS crisis fund to cater support to earthquake survivors from the LBT community.
  • With support from TEWA, MN distributed funds to households in villages in Kavre, Nuwakot, Dang.


  • GFW and SAWF provided the grant for organizational operational support and training programs to the LBT community such as  Barista training.
  • UAF supported for national consultation meetings with legal experts and concerned stakeholders so as to produce and disseminate materials on the LGBTI rights as well as organize a press briefing.
  • CREA supported to advocate for legal recognition of LGBT people.


  • SAWF and Green Tara Trust UK supported to enhance the capacity of the LBT community to build advocacy groups in Nepal.
  • Internews supported to improve the capacity of women from different intersectionalities to improve their digital security skills.
  • Womankind Worldwide supported to implement a project to enhance the capacity to build advocacy groups for LBT in Nepal.