President’s Foreward

Nepal is regarded one of the most progressive countries in regards to the constitutional provisions for the rights of LGBTI community. Despite numerous discourses on equality and participation, it is impossible to empower the Sexual and Gender minorities without economic, political and social empowerment. Hence, it is pivotal for the government to introduce inclusive reforms and plans for LGBTI communities across geographies, sexes and races. Additionally, the government must conduct thorough study and research on the diverse LGBTI community with appropriate methodologies to understand and implement concrete and tangible needs of the community. 

We idealize a Utopia with civilized communities and good Samaritans but within this Utopia, we often fail to acknowledge sexual and gender minorities as an equal and integral part of the Utopian world we seek. Due to the double standards, the members of LGBTI communities are obligated to indulge in activities which are regarded uncivilized even for the sake survival. And again, the LGBTI individuals are stigmatized and stereotyped by the so called civilized members of the community. This constant loop is a result of lack of awareness and ignorance on the issue. This practice needs to change immediately for the overall development of our country. Not just in case of LGBT community but in regards to all the human rights abuses done in the name of culture, religion or ideology which all comes down to lack of awareness. Hence, Mitini Nepal takes great pride in its efforts to ensure a community free of stigma and full of love and unity. Also, we want “YOU” to be an equal part of our movement! 

Solidarity for Love!