Are you an LBTI individual or an ally? If so, please consider donating your valuable time and skills to the cause of Mitini Nepal. MN is working diligently to make civil rights and dignity possible for all Queer people in Nepal.  Please browse through this website to find out more about what we have accomplished since 2005.  

We are looking for general and specialist volunteers

Specialist Volunteers Currently Sought:

  1. Videographer and Short Film ProducerMN is seeking to make and produce a video “Say No to Violence” in which the traumatic and very real violence that the LBTI community faces is shown and described
  2. Performance Art Writer and Director Street Drama is an engaging method of teaching the public about LBTI realities. By demystifying the non-hetero-normative, MN believes that Nepal will embrace its LBTI society members.
  3. College Orientation VolunteersAre you a senior in College or an Adult Educator? MN is seeking representatives who can give demystifying concept orientation to young people who are starting their college educations. The orientation will be regarding LBTI community and individuals and will be given a semi-formal or casual setting.

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