Lobbying and Advocacy Program

We advocate for the equal rights of LBT people through interaction with policymakers and government stakeholders, media and other members of civil society. We also organize discussion, seminars, workshops, rally, sit-ins, press meetings, etc.

Awareness and sensitization Program

We conduct awareness-raising programs to sensitize community on Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity and Expression (SOGIE) and LGBTI issues through street dramas, cultural programs, posters and pamphlets publications, orientation in academic institutions including schools and colleges, awareness raising programs for community service organizations (CSOs), parliamentarians, government stakeholders, community police and media.

Skill development programs

We provide skill development and income generating training to LBT and women from marginalized and poor communities. Some of the income generating training are tailoring, weaving, driving, beautification training, coffee making, mushroom cultivation training, and candle making. We also sell products for fundraising.

Capacity development programs

We conduct capacity development programs such as leadership development, human rights, legal awareness and other training on sexual and gender rights.

Psychosocial and legal counseling

We provide both psychosocial and legal counseling services to lesbians, bisexual women, and transgender.

Research and study

We conduct qualitative and quantitative research on LBT women’s issues including challenges and also document their stories as narratives. We are lobbying to help with the next Nepal Census to acquire the first national data on the subject.