Mitini Nepal celebrated a significant milestone with the successful launch of the storybook titled “Our Lives, Our Stories: LGBTI Seniors in Nepal” in Bagmati Province, Kathmandu, on December 12, 2023. Led by Mitini Nepal President Laxmi Ghalan, the collective launch aligns with International Human Rights context and sheds light on the diverse realities faced by LGBTI elders. The storybook features authentic narratives from a comprehensive survey involving 100 LGBTI elders, aiming to raise awareness and foster understanding of their challenges. Executive Director Sarita KC emphasized the importance of policy measures and the storybook in addressing senior citizens’ issues within the gender and sexual minorities community. The storybook explores various themes, including political recognition, family and societal discrimination, and successful stories of acceptance among others. KC highlighted the role of media in amplifying the voices of LGBTI elders, aiming to dismantle barriers and foster societal respect. During the launch, senior citizens advocated for increased accessibility to government services, inclusive facilities, gender-friendly shelter homes, and opportunities for self-reliance. In the midst of the program, media representatives posed questions regarding the launch of the storybook and inquired about the challenges faced by the elders who shared their stories during the event. The event, facilitated by Mitini Nepal’s Program Officer Bimala Gurung, drew the participation of 27 including LGBTI elders, media representatives, and organizers, concluding with expressions of gratitude to all participants.

Mitini Nepal and Forum for Women, Law and Development together filed a petition in the Supreme Court on December 5, with the Government of Nepal, the Ministry of Law, and the Federal Parliament as the opposition, demanding the creation of a law allowing for marriage equality. As a result, the Constitutional Court’s first hearing was conducted on January 4, 2023, during which the Honorable Supreme Court demanded a show cause order. Following the first hearing, Government of Nepal, the Ministry of Law, and the Federal Parliament had submitted the written note on February 23, 2023. The third hearing was scheduled to be held on May 31, 2023. However, due to special reasons, the date of hearing has been postponed to November 8, 2023.