Mitini Advocacy Program (MAP)

Mitini Nepal’s Mitini Advocacy Program (MAP) has emerged as a significant initiative, aiming to empower and enlighten LGBTI activists and community-based organization representatives working diligently at the grassroots level. The program, which began last year and continues this year, plays a crucial role in enhancing the participants’ understanding of UN treaty bodies and Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The MAP training, scheduled for March in Kathmandu, serves as a unique platform bringing together LGBTI activists from all seven provinces of Nepal. The program is designed to provide comprehensive knowledge and skills that are vital for effective advocacy in the realm of LGBTI rights. The training curriculum covers various aspects, including awareness about different United Nations human rights treaties and the mechanisms and reporting processes involved in UN treaty bodies such as Universal Periodic Review (UPR) and Volunteer National Review (VNR). Nepal, having signed nine different treaty bodies, demonstrates a commitment to international standards for human rights. Additionally, the MAP program underscores the importance of aligning advocacy efforts with the SDGs, allowing participants to frame their work within a broader global context and ensuring its resonance with international development priorities. The initiative is not only crucial for fostering a deeper understanding of these topics but also for building a network of informed and empowered activists who can contribute significantly to the advancement of LGBTI rights on a global scale.
MAP (Mitini Advocacy Program) 2023
Total Participants: 31
Name of LGBTI organizations involved in MAP

  1. Sahara Samaj
  2. Udhaudo Bihani
  3. Jeevan Rekha Sewa Samaj
  4. Maya Ko Sansar
  5. Friends Hetauda
  6. Samanata Ka Lagi Aawaj Nepal
  7. Naulo Srijana Nepal
  8. Ekata Nepal

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