Urgent Relief Efforts for Disaster-Affected LGBTI

Mitini Nepal has been actively involved in humanitarian aid since the Nepal earthquake in 2015. Our commitment to supporting the LGBTI community during times of crisis and pandemic situations has been unwavering. Over the years, we have provided crucial relief efforts to those in need. In response to recent natural disasters, including earthquakes and landslides, Mitini Nepal has extended its relief operations to the Lumbini province (Rukum), Karnali Province (Jajarkot), and Sudurpaschim province (Dadeldura and Kailaki). We recognize the unique vulnerabilities faced by the LGBTI community in such challenging times and are dedicated to ensuring that our support reaches those who need it the most. Through these relief initiatives, we aim to alleviate the hardships faced by LGBTI individuals affected by these disasters, fostering resilience and community strength in the face of adversity. Mitini Nepal remains steadfast in its mission to provide aid and support to the LGBTI community, particularly during times of crisis.

Case Study 1: Projan Thakuri Projan Thakuri, a 25-year-old resident of Sudurpaschim Province in Naag Durga rural municipality, ward number 4, has embarked on a journey to identify as a transgender man, discovering his true self at the age of 20. Projan, along with his partner, sister, and mother, has been building a life in his rural community. He sustains his livelihood by working on local farms and providing tuition to the village’s young children. Tragedy struck on October 3 and 4, 2023, when a significant earthquake measuring 5 on the rechter scale followed by a 4.3 magnitude aftershock severely damaged Projan’s home. Currently, he and his family are finding refuge in the generosity of their neighbors. This calamity not only left them homeless but also cost Projan his source of income. In their time of dire need, Mitini Nepal stepped in to offer essential support.

Case Study 2: Ram Kumari Chaudhary Ram Kumari Chaudhary, a 54-year-old resident of Sudurpaschim Province in Bhajani Municipality, ward number 5, Kuti, stands as one of the elder figures within the LGBTI community. Embracing the journey of self-identification as a transman, Chaudhary leads a solitary life as a squatter. His dwelling was recently ravaged by floods, leaving his home in ruins. Despite the damage, he persists in living in the affected house. In his time of dire need, Ram Kumari Chaudhary reached out to Mitini Nepal for assistance.

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